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The standard machine for discerning professionals.

Standard equipment F 45

Options pack F 45 I

Options pack F 45 II

Options pack F 45 III


Within each and every Altendorf, both visible and invisible forces are at work. The pure mechanical engineering and dynamic design are clearly visible. These machines’ overall performance is less visible, but always in evidence. It results from Altendorf engineers’ and employees’ inventive approach, experience and passion. They imbue their machines with these strengths, as users the whole world over now know. These strengths bring with them a great feeling of trust: Because it’s an Altendorf.

The Altendorf F 45 system permits the modular configuration of many different options. That’s how you build your own, individual machine – tailored to fit your practical requirements. To make your choice easier, we have put together three practical, user-focused options packs. All other options can be individually combined with the basic machine and the options packs. You will also be able to upgrade your original equipment for a long time to come, wherever the technology permits. As the systems have a lifespan of over 20 years, this is an important factor to consider in your procurement.